Some of the Dumbest and Vainest Fashion Trends of the Last Decade

I know I just wrote a post this morning, but then my friend Lizzy and I were talking about what kinds of things I want to blog about and I said: Stupid fashion trends.  Granted, there are a lot of fashion trends that are stupid.  I’m not going to sit here and tell you how I think short skirts with heels look trashy, how much I don’t get wearing a belt with pants that sag below your butt, or which colors actually go with black.  No, this is more about how the runway comes up with really stupid looks that even the media can’t brainwash society enough to think those trends are actually the “cool thing to wear”.

Ballet Heels


These are just stupid.  This is what started my conversation today with Lizzy.  Funny thing is, I thought it was something that came in a phased out in the mid-2000s… but I was wrong.

Ballet heels (or boots) actually originated in the 1800s.  They’re supposed to force the wearer into walking en pointe, like a ballerina.  The thing that kills me is I thought the 7″+ heels were bad enough.  Apparently, circa 1900, the Viennese fetish boot was a precessor to the modern trend, which started appearing in the 1980s.  No, this Victorian-era boot actually had 11″ heels that were longer than the shoe itself.  In other words, you could wear the shoes but you couldn’t walk in them.  Stupid?  Hell, yes.

The Preppy Style

This is an age-old trend.  Don’t get me wrong, I like some parts of it.  Like I like wearing polos and I do shop occasionally at overly-priced Nazi stores like Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister (for as long as I can breathe without choking on the perfume, i.e. three seconds).  I actually enjoy guys in the golf look, even if they pop their collar and wear a sweater tied around their shoulders.  I guess I’m used to it.  I’m used to Dockers and whale pants.  I’m used to bowties.  But that’s just it: I’m only used to these things because I went to private school!  We had uniforms.  To look trendy and wear a uniform, you did those kinds of things.  It’s as much as you could get away with without being suspended for a violation of clothing code or something dumb.

What I can’t stand is, first of all, how the runway takes the looks to stupid, stupid, stupid extremes.  I have no need to elaborate.  Simply look at this runway model and tell me if this looks like a good idea:

That’s what I thought.  I swear, if I publish this and walk outside to find people milling down the street with over-the-waist, rolled-cuffed pants and tacky work-boot-like heels, I will have officially lost all faith in society.

The second thing that drives me crazy is when I do walk into these stores like Abercrombie & Fitch and I can’t help but notice all the clothes are basically my school uniform with jocked-up patches and slutted-up skirt lengths.  Seriously, talk about wanna-bes, these stores have become the go-to for kids who wish they went to boarding school.  I actually recall my one friend (who went to a public school in a town near my private school) telling me that his old school was “practically a private school”.  I said, “How’s that?  You didn’t pay to go there, it was a public school.”  His answer?  “Yeah, but most of the kids were rich.  They all wore Abercrombie.”  Ha.  So private school = rich = preppy dressed Abercrombie wanna-bes?  Not private school = people who care about their education = hard workers with intelligent means of spending?  Oh, world, you make me so sad.  True, I might be slightly biased, but just look at this…:

Besides, most of Abercrombie’s advertisements anymore are wildly inappropriate, to say the least.  I mean, I thought you were advertising clothes, not being ripped and not wearing anything…

Tights as Pants

I don’t care if they’re black or leopard printed, if they actually fit you or if your underwear shows… Who decided it was a good idea?  Speaking of not wearing anything… There is actually a site dedicated to this cause called and their fantastic background on one page sums up my thoughts perfectly:


Lolita and Other Asian Trends

What happens in Asia stays in Asia, right?  I tell you, the people that really get into anime…they are insane.  Take for instance this Lolita look, one of many over-done looks currently circulating in places like Japan.  It’s basically a Victorian-like look with different offshoots such as Gothic, Sweet, etc.

I’ve noticed Asian trends usually revolve around looking like anime or dolls.  This is the ideal time to mention the anime-style contact lenses that have been a hit in Asian to make Asian eyes look much larger.

Also, there is a surgery that can accompany it.

Who said anyone takes fashion too far?  Hmm…

I really could go on.  But I think that is enough for now.  I’ve made my point: The Runway has bad ideas.  Sometimes people give in to those bad ideas.  Sometimes those bad ideas don’t really catch on.  Just don’t be a sheep, please.  See through these supposed “trends” and realize there might be something morally wrong with submitting to them.  What is fashion, anyway?  Status?  Feeling good?  Or just doling out money to greedy designers who really don’t have any taste?  Case and point:


  1. Wow, you are either really close minded or don’t do your research well enough. You are the stereotypical egocentric, close minded, snob.
    I went to a private school by the way, and I also went to public school, & Alot of my clothes came from A&F because they were fashionable while not breaking our dress code. We couldn’t wear their skirts, because yes they are short. Just because someone prefers a Look does not mean they are wannabes. Also, in regards to your bitchy public vs private comment. Not everyone in Public schools are sleazy balls of fat that take up precious space for the rich entitled minded people like you. Alot of great kids come from public schools, and a lot of whiny kids who can’t fend for themselves unless daddy does it for them come from private schools.

    One more thing before I go – Lolita is about clothes, it’s also about choice. Most Lolita girls choose to live like victorians with modern flair. The eye surgery you mentioned? That’s not at all related directly to Lolita culture. That’s because us North Americans & Westeners have what’s called a “Double eyelid” Most asians are born with a monoeyelid, which also causes major eyesight problems for them, because their eyelids hang so low over their eyes it makes it nearly impossible to see depending on the severity. Their eyelid surgery is equivalent to our LAsik surgeries. Don’t pretend to know something you know nothing about. We* Only see it as a beauty technique because we refuse to think. It can be a cosmetic surgery, but it has dual purposes.

    *Using We as loosely as possible because I could not be considered as the same species as you.

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