Kate Middleton Deserves Some Respect

Kate Middleton is the now-wife of Prince William of England.  I knew nothing about Kate until her wedding day was approaching (a day which, by the way, fell on my 21st birthday!).  All I knew was she looked beautiful, elegant in a simple way, and has a fabulous smile.  She just looked like the nicest person I could ever meet.  Someone who interested in getting to know different people and their situations and someone who wouldn’t let the “Royal family” role go to her head.

To my disgust, the media was advertising people’s responses to Kate’s marrying Prince William as being cruel, jealous, and conniving.  You can tell how unjustified and derrogatory these comments were, I mean, they were calling a healthy size 0, gorgeous woman “anorexic” and “ugly” amongst all things!  As the wedding day approached, they picked at the issue sensitive to any royal marriage: whether or not she could have children.  They also called this Duchess of Cambridge a “gold-digger”, which led to a whole sling of things (that should be bygones in British history) regarding her background and whether or not she was equipped to be a Queen.  To read more about the insults, check this out: http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk/celebrity-news/536159/devastated-kate-middleton-why-do-people-hate-me

Although Kate Middleton didn’t grow up a princess by any means, her family wasn’t exactly poor.  She went to boarding school and eventually attended St. Andrew’s in Scotland where she met the prince.  He was attracted to her beauty and they dated for many years.  Some people accuse Kate of a small hiatus in their relationship being her doubting he would ever propose, but I think any woman is entitled to doubt a man without being told she’s concerned his money isn’t going into her wallet soon enough.

But back to this whole “fit to be a queen” thing… it literally came up as such in the Washington Post: “I’m not against the middle class as such, but I do query whether she has the background and breeding to be queen one day,” wrote James Whitaker, a guru of royal gossip.

Why are people so judgmental?  It doesn’t matter who the prince had tried to marry, there would’ve been gossip and rumors and talk regardless.  She’s a beautiful lady and there’s nothing wrong with inter-class love.  This is no monarchy now.

On another note, I’m not much for fashion, but wow is her style incredible!  She’s so classy.  Sure, fancy hats can get overdone, but she’s in the Royal Family for god’s sake.  Her wedding gown cost about half a million, too, but, again, this is royalty we are talking about.  I just wish people could mind their own freaking businesses and stop ruining people’s lives with stupid talk.

Check out these amusing memes: http://katemiddletonforthewin.tumblr.com/


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