What Really Matters to Americans Anyway?

Today, the top headline in Google News is in regards to what appears to be a genocidal act against an innocent group of people amongst those stereotypically associated with terrorism in America.  As described by AP, “An ex-Army man who was reduced in rank before his discharge, Wade Michael Page, carried out the shootings at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin that claimed six lives, a federal official said Monday.”  Judging by the name Wade, I would venture to guess that this man had no association to the Sikh Temple apart from some grudge he held against the culture as an ex-Army man.

What is wrong with people these days?  And how must it feel to be part of a targeted group where, realistically, you should be concerned about your safety at any given moment?  At least while these lunatics are still running around.  It particularly frustrates me because I am a strong advocate of the 2nd Amendment, but these whack jobs keep sacrificing our constitutional rights to bear arms.

Of course, while these people are suffering and I am busy judging the kinds of people who commit such horrible hate crimes, I can’t help but notice what’s captivating American’s today in the news.  It’s not the shooting, that’s for sure.  It’s not Syria, it’s not even National debt, it’s just a lump of irrelevant topics.  Maybe most people get the “important” information from the TV or newspaper?  I really highly doubt it.  But, either way, here is what Americans, according to Yahoo! trending topics, care about today amongst all the global tragedies:

Celebrities.  The Olympics.  Gossip.  Oh, when we detonated a city years ago.  And diet pills.  Yes, looking skinny per means that reflect America’s shear laziness whilst the world self-destructs.  Perfect strategy, US of A.

Maybe I’m a little too bitter, but I’m simply not impressed.


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