Attractive Women Catch Your Boyfriend’s Eye? Take It as a Compliment.

One thing I will never understand is why women get so defensive about their men turning heads when an attractive woman passes by.  Maybe I’m not normal (okay, I know I’m not), but I don’t get how a woman can think that, just because a guy likes her, he is suddenly devoid of any tastes or attraction for anyone but that one woman.  Bottom line is, it’s natural to be attracted to many people.  As long as a man is respectful and faithful, there is no harm in seeing the beauty in someone else.  If I had a boyfriend who didn’t take an extra second to acknowledge a particularly beautiful woman, I might question why not.  And if he turns his head when he sees gorgeous women passing, I see that as a compliment.  He’s got good tastes.  What’s there to be upset about?  I just wish more women could differentiate between respectful attraction and malicious intent.


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