The True Education


It doesn’t matter how many textbooks you study, nothing teaches a person faster about the ways of the world than travel. And I don’t mean hoity-toity resorts, hotels, and cruises, I mean actually getting out there and exploring less-than-perfect destinations from the perspective of a local. While I was living in Benin this past year, I read a book called “Go Your Own Way: Women Travel the World Solo” which helped me understand just that and really learn to absorb what was around me. Don’t get me wrong; an education is important to help us understand the sciences and histories of the world, but it lends us nothing to culture and the people. You can’t study what it’s like to be someone without stepping into his or her world, much like you can’t experience art by looking a photocopies in a book and never trying to replicate a piece with your own hands. Travel and opening your mind to other views and lifestyles will cause you to understand things you thought didn’t make sense and will even help you learn yourself better. So, yes, travel is a nomadic education of the highest value.

See how I’ve learned these lessons in my recent travels at – that is, if you don’t already follow and thanks to those who do!

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