Broken Plans and Goodbyes.

Yesterday was full of a lot of emotions.  I was supposed to meet up with a group of friends but that almost didn’t happen.  I hate not having solid plans in advance because it can stress me out to spontaneously schedule something or to change my plans of doing nothing.  But it also stresses me out a lot when people bail.  Well, last night, a lot of people bailed.  But then a lot of new faces came too.  I was up for a really long time so I could take my friend to her train out of Ohio.  I was also up for a really long time watching friends possibly flirting with and getting the number from the guy I like, which they know, and whom I invited last minute.  Finally, I learned that a cousin I don’t know as well as I wish I had – and whom I missed seeing at our family reunion this year – unexpectedly passed away while we were out.

Broken plans (accompanied by overanalyzing the situation, per the usual) and goodbyes.  That was my night.  It’s hard to realize the good moments of a night when you keep dwelling on the moments that almost ruin it.

Maybe it’s good that it’s almost the weekend.  I feel like I have a lot of sifting through thoughts to do.


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