Today is Good Friday.

It got me thinking about my days in my private school when this time of year was all the rage.  We’d have a reeeeaaaallllyyyy long Spring Break and everyone would be talking about what country their family was vacationing in.  But that wasn’t all they’d talk about in the March and April time frame.

This year, Ash Wednesday came on the 5th of March.  Although this year I saw no Catholics celebrating, in the past I recall the vast majority of my friends having ashen crosses drawn over their foreheads at school.  Yes, they would get up and go to church before our first class started.  Their whole family would.

Okay, so no one really talked about Ash Wednesday like they did Spring Break.  But what they did talk about was their abstinence rings…and Lent.  Specifically, they’d brag about what they were giving up for Lent.

Today, I was reminded of Lent season after reading a few articles about what people were giving up.  Things like Diet Coke, for example.  I was also reminded as I observed many people eating meat on this Friday.  I don’t care what people choose to do, but there are certain people who rigorously celebrate Christianity, so I was in a way appalled when they hypocritically consumed animals for lunch.

But Lent – the season of sacrificing something and honoring Jesus.  As if that does ANYTHING to really honor him – and that’s just it.  DOES IT?

Again, I don’t care what people want to believe.  I don’t care how people celebrate.  Furthermore, I tend to have one view then, if someone down the road presents it from their point of view, I can totally reconsider my own perspective.  But I still have a stigmatism for LENT!

As I said, I read today about people giving up soda or Diet Coke for Lent.  In the past, my friends always gave up chocolate…well, most of them did, anyway.  Either way, both things are TREATS that we OVEREAT.

I guess to make what could become a long story straight, I just wish people would consider giving more meaningful, more sacrificial stuff.  (I personally think smokers should give up smoking.  It’s that kind of sacrifice that really means something.)  Like… why wouldn’t a smoker want to give up smoking for Lent?  Because it’s too hard.  Which is why so many people give up Diet Coke or chocolate.  Well, that’s “hard”….on a totally MATERIALISTIC level.  The point of Lent is to equate what Jesus allegedly did for sinners, so shouldn’t people be making some serious sacrifices?  LIke picking something they DO NOT want to give up, then making themselves give it up anyway?

That’s my two cents at least.


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