Festive or Infective?


With the holidays cranking out since November’s American Thanksgiving, I can’t help but feel perpetual bitterness fueled by the generalized attitude of the public.  Shop shop shop shop shop, eat eat eat eat eat.  Whatever happened to the holidays being a time of togetherness and thankfulness?  No, of course not.  Now it’s just a constant competition to get the best deals, cook (or take-out!) way too much food, have a prettier tablescape, decorate your house better than the guy next to you, cut down a bigger tree (that took as much as 15 years to grow!), and complete forget what this time is about.  I don’t celebrate any holiday, but aren’t these supposed to be religious times, too?  Who even goes to Christmas Mass anymore?  When did Christmas become all about Santa?  And what about the other holidays?  (I got so many “Merry Christmas” goodbyes as I left work this week that I began to think…what about Chanukah?  Kwanza?  Winter Solstice??)

And what I really can’t get over is this: Christmas trees!  Dude, that’s a PAGAN tradition!  PAGAN.  For all of you Christian/Bible-reading superlatives out there.  And that’s fine.  But just remember it’s not some holy, Christian-only enterprise.  (I’m sick of people asking why my family puts up a tree.  Why run your car if you don’t believe in Global Warming?  You’re still partaking.)

So let’s all just have an enjoyable winter and not feel pressured to waste money buying gifts that you and others don’t need, cook too much food that will go to waste, and stay inside instead of enjoying all of the outdoor opportunities that are peaked in the colder areas this time of year and just as available as always to the warmer ones.

Fat and Fatter.

I just heard on the news the reporter comment on the outlandish and exuberant amount of calories consumed today as opposed to normally in America. That’s gross, especially considering the “norm” in America!! It’s disgusting how fat this country is and disgusting how our holidays revolve around food. It’s grotesquely self-centered.

First of all, the gluttonous modern America. We eat, eat, eat. Then we cry about how fat we are. But we are too lazy to exercise. We spend so much money to have others make us do work but, when that doesn’t work, we instead buy fitness video games and calorie apps that will theoretically encourage us to change without actually altering our lifestyles too much. Hormones, fast food, lack of work ethic… Our future generations are screwed.

But how do we make these things worse? We overindulge regularly, then the holidays hit and it’s like a dam breaking. Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Sure, these days were once centered around the table for that rare full meal or for scraping up the best that you couldn’t afford. Today, it’s blind overindulgence and greed. Furthermore, holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are days meant to remember veterans and those who sacrificed for you to be alive and free and not starving. It is NOT a holiday for barbecues and getting drunk!! What is WRONG with today’s world? I hate holidays like this. I hope you at least have more than food to think about today and in every other day of your life.