Keep the Earth Below My Feet


You were cold, as the blood through your bones
And the light which led us from our chosen homes
Well I was lost
Now I sleep
Sleep the hours that I can’t weep
When all I knew was steeped in blackened holes
Well I was lost

And I was still
And I was under your spell
When I was told by Jesus all was well

So all must be well
Just give me time
Well you know your desires and mine
So wrap my flesh in ivory and in twine
For I must be well

Keep the earth below my feet
For all my sweat, my blood runs weak
Let me learn from where I have been
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn
Keep my eyes to seve my hands to learn

Mumford and Sons

Bonnaroo Music Festival

I love music, but I tend to feel the same way about music as I do with hockey: I would rather play it than watch someone else play it!  My tastes are broad, too, ranging from classic rock to screamo, rap to country, and even the occasional orchestral piece or foreign vibes.  I do afterall play the banjo, bagpipes, and fiddle, to name a few of the dozens of instruments I play with strong personality.  I tend to dislike live music though, preferring the perfect studio sound over what is actually played.  Hearing all the hype about the Bonnaroo Music Fest therefore had me weary, especially as I pictured mellow bands with absurd drunks and druggies running all over the place and failing to respect my space.  That was until I read the line-up for the 2013.  Most of them I didn´t know, but I got excited at the sight of Paul McCartney, Daniel Tosh in the comedy section, and then… Mumford and Sons!!!  Immediate daydreams of flying from Slovakia to Tennessee for the weekend ensued.

I had never realized that Bonnaroo is such a mix of genres, including media.  There is music, comedy, and even a film section.  The venue refuses to change dramatically between the years and has been that way since its founding in 2002.  Additionally, did you know that Bonnaroo has won awards for being a green festival?  From recycling, to carpooling, to even offering a ticket donation towards improving the sustainability of its farm venue, Bonnaroo is making efforts to keep it classy.

In my experiences with concerts, it is the perfect time for people to dress in their elements and not have to impress anyone.  Usually this means some relaxed bohemian attire, sunglasses, and flipflops.  Of course, some people like to go over the top…but here are some images of the past fesitvals and of some Free People outfits that aren´t too sumptuous!