Shailene Woodley arrested at #NoDAPL

With nearly 40k people watching live this morning from her Facebook streaming video, actress Shailene Woodley was arrested.

She retreated from the peaceful gathering as asked, yet returned to her RV on Highway 1806 to find it surrounded by police.  As she hands her recording phone to her mother, she is informed she has trespassed and will be arrested.  She asks why she has been singled out – is it because she is famous?  Has a trending live video?

The officers cannot be heard or seen reading her her rights.

Woodley is being held at Morton County along with other Protectors following the US Court of Appeal’s denial of Standing Rock’s injunction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Shots from the live video:

Trump is playing on your stupidity.

I’ve always felt this way, especially when people tell me the horrifying line “But he says what everyone is thinking.”

If everyone is thinking Mexicans are rapists?
If everyone is thinking Muslims are terrorists?
If everyone is thinking Native Americans are destroying his business schemes?
Then we have more problems than I thought.  I hope people aren’t thinking that way.

I cringe when Trump talks.  He literally has no idea what he is doing.  For a businessman, you would think he could answer a question.

Why does he sound like a moron when he talks?  Well, here’s a video about his speeches being at the 4th grade level.

And if it seems like Trump knows how to manipulate the stupid, it’s because he’s talked at length before on how to do it.  It is all a “publicity stunt”, and he outlines his strategy very clearly, as revealed by the beginning of this video.


I’m not saying you should support a non-Trump candidate, because the options aren’t very pleasant.  But if you can flat out say you support what Trump has to say, I have no respect for your support of a sexist, racist, xenophobic bigot.  Even if it’s all part of his “publicity stunt”.  This is verging on promoting hate crimes.  Actually, he’s probably gone beyond that, I’m just sick of listening to him.