out of body, out of mind.

While waiting for our dinner to be served at the Titlow Tavern and Highland House, my family and I started reading “The Titlow Times” with a supposed 1940 copy of Mr. Titlow’s obituary on it. As I read it, something struck me funny.

Mr. Titlow came by to chat with the judge.

Mr. Titlow said not to forget the reunion next month.

Mr. Titlow fell to the floor, dead.

The body will be returned to the Johnson Chapel…..

Hmm, the body.. Is that not the weirdest thing? How the instant we die we are no longer us? So what makes us us must truly be the spirit and not the body, or whatever makes up our thoughts and decisions.

Kind of like in a past post when I mentioned our bodies rebuilding themselves. How we are still us when our bodies are completely rebuilt. Why is that?

So I am who I am while I am and no more? Scary thought. And now onto dinner.